Community of educators who share a passion for new methods and lifelong learning
Driven by our dream to change and research education, we are cultivating an environment which will be a safe space for sharing of insights and ideas.
Each month, we will set a theme and together build a knowledge base to give the community members not only networking opportunities, but also a chance to enhance their knowledge and create something new.
Openness, freedom and supporting the initiative are the pillars of this community. We will curate content and facilitate interaction, and you will be the final judge of development gains achieved through experience exchange.
Curated knowledge base
We created a knowledge base in NOTION with useful materials divided into categories and tools. For instance, Goal Setting category includes Marzano's Taxonomy section filled with links covering the topic. We add items written both in Russian and in English.
Events calendar and topic of the month
Each month we will set a topic for meetings at the Lab, which will be chosen based on the poll. For each month's theme, we will select materials and host a two to three hour-long online meeting in the middle of the month.
In addition to a group chat on Telegram, we will be keeping a community activity calendar, where everyone will be able to propose a topic or start a discussion. We will help to make an announcement and host Zoom sessions. Members can also have in-person meetings with colleagues and join mastermind groups.
People with different backgrounds are welcome to join our community:

Instructional designers who are creating learning experiences in schools, universities and anywhere else.
Teachers aspiring to make their classes more interesting and effective.
T&D and HR experts interested in new approaches to corporate learning.
Leaders and managers of education projects who are willing to improve the quality of their products.
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We transform complex scientific arguments and big ideas into practical tools that people can use. We speak a language so simple that even your grandmother will understand.
Teachers and students co-create the learning experience. We don't fight, remodel or preach, because we believe that everyone knows what is best for them.

We create a safe learning environment where people and their goals are always the top priority. We believe that learning can be both useful and fun at the same time!
We discover new learning paths and unite curious people who want to challenge their beliefs. We bring back natural curiosity!
Let's see how close we are in spirit! Take a look at our core values and see if you agree with them.
Human-centered design

Exploring new territories
Co-creation and partneship
Relatable communication
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